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You can read Alan's account of the event, as he related it to his son Nick, who wrote it all down before his father passed away in 2002. 25, 2011) eBay listing - of documents related to the estate of James Horn, of Pitmeddon House, Oyne, Aberdeenshire, one of three shareholders in the vessel. 14, 1877 rescue, in which the Roker 'Volunteer Life Brigade' saved all 19 who were aboard Loch Cree, an iron barque, stranded on the bar near the North Pier at Sunderland. One of two images on a stereo card offered for sale in May 2011. My understanding is that there were, in 1881 at least, 2 divisions of the 'Roker Volunteer Life Brigade operating north of the River Wear 3 divisions of the 'Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade operating to the south of the river. The vessel is covered in detail on site. It barely survived one such experience, in early 1895, when in a hurricane that lasted many days, Loch Cree lost masts sails barely made it back to safety at Brisbane, Australia. 31, 1964, it arrived at Santander ship breakers to be broken.

I know nothing of the circumstances - who knows, maybe the vessel encountered bad weather, common in the month of January, a violent storm perhaps high seas. The rescue was surely widely reported at the time. The Roker Volunteer Life Brigade rescued one crew member by breeches buoy. The vessel was built in 1865 by David Burns at Aberdeen, Scotland. Was the weather bad? The work is an oil on board,.5.4. Gray of West Hartlepool, that went aground at the South Dock pier, on Feb.

In 1848/49 in years prior to that, the vessel was rigged as a brig. The captain had given instructions that he should be called to the deck ' if the weather came on thick '. Miramar indicate that the vessel was recorded as Briquetas Zorroza only in 1935. Sentinel - A royal navy 2,900 TON cruiser Sentinel was a 2900 ton cruiser, built for the Royal Navy by Vickers, Sons Maxim, of Barrow-in-Furness, at a cost of about 282,000. As I read the available data, it would seem that it proved to be impossible to actually assist the crew of Jernaes that they would have made it to shore themselves in some way. While the 'Watson' engraving would seem to be from the collection of the 'South Tyneside Public Libraries Museums the book in which the engraving appeared is quite recent - a volume published in 1979 by 'Frank Graham of Newcastle, entitled ' Northumberland and Durham. The convoy was, I read, being attacked by German E-boats the convoy's course was accordingly changed. a collection of Sunderland Echo images.

Brahmim, later Quillota, was an iron fully rigged ship built for. 14, 1918 the vessel ran aground yet again, carrying coal, on the bar of San Esteban de Pravia (Asturias). Rutherford at the time. Also ' The navigation of the vessel after.m. It was launched as Inchkeith on Apl. Six of her crew were taken off by the Sunderland lifeboat, while the other two crew members - the Captain the First Mate - decided to stay on board. A rocket, with a light line attached to it, was fired from shore by mortar over the vessel in difficulty. So he was called on deck, at 2:20.m.


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From an e-Bay image available, back in 2011, here. Then owned. And we also thank 'Tyne Wear Museums' in whose collection the actual print is, I see, held. 25, 1877, a grounding in which the lives of 8 seamen were in danger. Which would seem, however, to be of a wreck aground at Whitburn, in 1919 or maybe a little earlier. An assumption, based upon the limited escort flensburg escort i danmark data that is available.

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Owned by the 'Hasties a well known trawler family - Alex Hastie is a long term captain of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. Also a James Oswald Clazey returned to England, attended Durham College and became a schoolmaster. Those modest details from Google data 'snippets'. ( Now see next paragraph ). 2013, the postcard being by Eric Robinson, Photographer, of Sunderland. 9, 1880, when a major escort flensburg escort i danmark disaster occurred at the Seaham Colliery with a great many mine workers losing their lives,. 29, 1929 the vessel, or its owners, had financial problems. AN unknown wreck AT whitburn I cannot tell you the name of the vessel at left. There are many gaps in the date sequence but they are a fine source none-the-less for the purpose at hand - trying to identify which particular Tenterden foundered at South Shields all those years ago. The vessel was under the command of Captain.