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For example, the Commonwealth Club in London counts former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, and former Australian Prime Minister John Howard as influential people who have spoken there. New South Wales edit Sydney has the Australian Club, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, and the Union, University Schools Club. This expansion can be explained in part by the large extensions of the franchise in the Reform Acts of 1832, 1867, and 1885. 18 See also edit References edit Cited in the introduction to Women, Clubs and Associations in Britain by Doughan Gordon, 2006 Oxford English Dictionary (probably in 1764). Members can explore the extensive collection of dusty tomes collected in the clubs library and potter around the smoking room (in which smoking is not permitted).

Each time, hundreds of thousands more men were qualified to vote, and it was common for them to feel that they had been elevated to the status of a gentleman, thus they sought a club. As this excerpt from the clubs mission statement suggests, women are still not admitted to the East India Club. Yale Club of New York City - About the Club Mooney, James. Gaining membership involves the standard procedure of being proposed and seconded by current members. Newcastle has the Newcastle Club. In London, there are similarities between the original gentlemen's clubs and the more modern but otherwise similarly private members' clubs such the Groucho Club, Soho House and Home House ; but those offer memberships by subscription and are owned and run as commercial concerns. South Africa edit South Africa is home to the Rand Club in downtown Johannesburg, the Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg as well as the Inanda Club in Sandton and the Johannesburg Country Club. The Montreal Hunt Club, founded in 1826, is the oldest extant fox hunting club in North America. As a result, traditional gentlemen's clubs often are referred to as "men's clubs" or "city clubs" (as opposed to country clubs ) or simply as "private social clubs" or just "private clubs".

The record number of memberships is believed to have been with Earl Mountbatten, who had nineteen in the 1960s. The Carltons venerated membership wasnt enough to protect it from the Luftwaffe during the Blitz of the Second World War, after which it was moved to its current resting place at. More Info, sun - Sat: 12:00. United States edit The Yale Club of New York City, founded 1897, is the largest gentlemen's club in the world, and now includes women among its members Main article: List of traditional gentlemen's clubs in the United States Most major cities in the United States. Australian Capital Territory edit Canberra has the Commonwealth Club. Membership is by election after the proposers (at least two and in many clubs more who have known the candidate for a term of years, formally nominate the person for membership. Harold Macmillan was said to have taken "refuge in West End clubs.: Pratt's, Athenaeum, Buck's, Guards, the Beefsteak, the Turf, and the Carlton ". Sweden edit Of institutions that could possibly qualify as gentlemen's clubs in Sweden, there is the Military Society, the Royal Bachelors' Club and Sällskapet (club).

Clubs were places where men could gossip freely. Oxford: Oxford University Press. The club remains of the male-only persuasion. Clubs were created and designed for a man's domestic needs. See Amil-Mirne reference, "A fly to domesticity?." Introduction to Women, Clubs and Associations in Britain Doughan Gordon, 2006 a b Milne-Smith, Amy (October 2006). Public entertainments, such as musical performances and the like, were not a feature of this sort of club. Clubs and Club Life in London.

Many of these new, more "inclusive" clubs proved just as reluctant as their forebears to admit new members when the franchise was further extended. Only twelve American cities have five or more existing clubs: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington,.C. West End of London. Victoria edit Melbourne has the Melbourne Club, the Alexandra Club, the Athenaeum Club (named after its counterpart in London the Australian Club (unrelated to the identically-named club in Sydney the Kelvin Club and the Savage Club. At one point the city also supported the Hindu Gymkhana, for the commercial elite, but that 1925 building has been turned to other uses. Members Only: Elite Clubs and the Process of Exclusion. In recent years the advent of mobile working (using phone and email) has placed pressures on the traditional London clubs which frown on, and often ban, the use of mobiles and discourage laptops, indeed any discussion of business matters or 'work related papers'.


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